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EQUALS is a platform where You can find recipes of homemade meals tailored to the uniqueness of Your cat, as well as supporting materials.

The registration on Website or use of Services (as described in Sections 3 and 4) implies acceptance of Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy (“EQUALS Policies”), these Terms and any other contractual agreement between You and EQUALS.

Legal Notice

The details of EQUALS contracting entity are as follows:

EQUALS Limited, Hong Kong, Room 2302 23/F OFFICEPLUES @WAN CHAI 303 Hennessy Road Wan Chai Hong Kong support@equals.cat

For contact with our EU office, details may be found below:

Equals Ltd, Keizersgracht 482, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 1017EG support@equals.cat

The Service is intended exclusively for users of legal age. If you are under 18, please refrain from accessing and browsing the Website.


The service provided to You by EQUALS (“Service”) is a holistic solution encompassing all the counselling You may need to feed Your cat with fresh, non-processed ingredients completely safe for the health of your cat, including comprehensive recipes (“Recipes”), cooking guides, insightful articles, and other recommendations and hints. The Service is accessible through www.equals.cat Website, and internet connection is required.

Please note that in some territories the access to Website may be limited due to technical or regulatory burdens. However, we are working hard to expand and deliver the Service worldwide, every day. EQUALS provides You with customised Recipes, thoroughly drafted, analysed and revised by EQUALS team of associate vets and nutritionists (“EQUALS Nutritionists”). The Recipes are tailored for the unique features of Your cat: breed, size, weight, gender, age, body shape or current diet. This way We ensure that the Recipes fit perfectly in Your cat’s diets

Some extra services (like pet food delivery) available in certain territories are provided in accordance with Annexes to these Terms and Conditions (see at the bottom of the document).

Registration and Cat Profile

Any person over 18 may register on Website and create an account (“Account”). You may create an account through the “Log in/Sign up” option, where You shall be asked for Your full name, country where You are staying, your preferred method for contact and a password. You must provide updated, accurate and true information about You; EQUALS shall in no case be responsible for the accuracy or truthfulness of the information supplied by the users.

Accounts must be registered in user’s own name. In case a user creates an Account for another person, said user guarantees that it has the authorization to do so from said another person.

Accounts are personal and non-transferable. In case We acknowledge any sharing of accounts, We reserve the right to suspend or delete shared Account immediately.

In case a person under 18 accesses the Website, we presume this access is performed with a prior authorization from its parents or legal guardians.

Additionally, You can create Your cat’s profile (“Profile”) by providing information on its name, breed, gender, age, weight, height, body shape, current diet, allergies and blood testing. Information regarding Account or Profile may be changes at any time in “My Account” menu.

Upon registration process, You shall also be required to read and accept with the Terms and EQUALS Privacy Policy. Please take Your time to familiarize Yourself with the contents of the texts, as the agreement therewith is a precondition for the usage of Website and delivery of the Service to You. Once registered, you shall become a Registered User.

The maintenance of Your profile is subject to compliance with the Terms and EQUALS Policies. If you want to modify or delete your profile, you may do so. Please note that for deletions, we shall retain your account inactivated during a period of 30 days after the deletion, and throughout which we shall still consider you as a Registered User. Once the period is over, Your account shall be permanently deleted.

You may register again with the same combination of username/password after your account is permanently deleted. However, We reserve the right to review and, if applicable, deny any new registrations of users that have violated these Terms, EQUALS Policies or any other contractual arrangements between said users and EQUALS.


Each Recipe is subject to a price published on the website, being available to acquire just one Recipe or a bundle of three (3) or five (5). Once You choose a Recipe You want to purchase, You shall be required to provide your payment details and billing address. Please note that each payment is securely managed and processed by our providers Stripe and PayPal. EQUALS does not have access to nor stores Your payment details.

Currently accepted payment methods are:

· Credit or debit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, UnionPay, JCB).

· PayPal

Please note that some payment methods are unavailable in certain countries. Also, banking and/or financial institutions may apply extra payment fees. The prices shown on the Website both for the Recipes include applicable taxes (e.g. VAT). Due to the digital nature of the Service, delivery costs do not apply.

The purchase is considered as completed once EQUALS receives the payment or confirmation thereof. Upon completion, EQUALS shall send you a confirmation email containing accepted Terms and an invoice summary of your purchase in electronic form. The Terms and the summary of your purchase shall constitute a valid agreement in electronic form, which you may also consult in “My Account” menu. The language on which the purchasing process shall be completed is the official language of the country where the user is located. Once payment or confirmation thereof is received by EQUALS, We shall proceed with tailored Recipe elaboration,

and notify you by email whenever the Recipe is ready. Recipes will be available in “My Account” section on EQUALS platform.

In case a payment is rejected for reasons attributable to You, such as lack of funds, You shall be responsible for any extra costs and/or penalties arising from said rejection and repeated payment.

Use of the service

EQUALS is a friendly environment, and We want to make sure that it stays the same. Your use of the Website, and enjoyment of the Service, must comply with these Terms and EQUALS Policies at all times. If You become aware of any uses contrary to these Terms or EQUALS Policies, please contact Us through “Contact Us” menu in the Website, or by reaching out to contact channels indicated in Section 2.

Allowed Uses

This Section regulates the access, browsing and use of the Website, and EQUALS reserves the right to change or amend the look and feel, configuration or contents of the Website, subject to Section 12.

The access to the Website is completely free, excluding internet access fees Your provider may charge You. Other functionalities, such as Recipes, are subject to additional charges, regarding which You shall be previously informed. The browsing of the Website , including but not limited to Recipes, blog, videos or recommendations of other users, does not require registration. However, other options such as Account or Profile creation are subject to previous registration, as described in Section 4.

Rights and obligations of the users

By accessing the Webpage , you guarantee the compliance with these Terms and EQUALS Policies. You have the right of using, bona fide and diligently, the Website , and receive the Service, according to these Terms and EQUALS Policies. Particularly, you shall not:

· Create false, inaccurate Accounts; perform identity frauds; register Accounts with data of another person who has not given its authorisation.

· Use the Website to provoke damages of any kind to its functioning, including the distribution of viruses, DDoS or similar attacks, hosting of illicit materials such as pornography, sensitive or confidential information or information contrary to the law or collection of other users’ information, including personal data, through the Website .

· Access to sections unauthorised for users or general public of the Website such as blocked sections.

· Impede the normal activity of the Website .

· Use methods to obtain technical and/or analytical information about the functioning of the Website , including source codes, formulae, scripts, information about pricing, etc.

· Otherwise use the Website , directly or indirectly, to alter, harm, compromise or disturb, or attempt to, the security, integrity, confidentiality and accessibility of the information.

If you are a guest or Registered User that has purchased a Recipe, you shall comply with your payment obligations.

Content uploading

You may upload photos and videos (“Audiovisuals”) to the Website . The theme must be linked to anything related to your cat: your own recipes, hints, recommendations, or that last move you cat learned a couple of days ago. However, please be aware that we shall not tolerate any Audiovisuals that do not comply with these Terms and, specifically, Sections 6 and 9. Particularly, you warrant:

· That You shall only upload original Audiovisuals made by You, or Audiovisuals upon which You have a valid and current right or authorisation to redistribute.

· That you shall not upload any Audiovisuals contrary to these Terms, and particularly, any pornography, photos and videos depicting harassment, violence, explicit language or Audiovisuals You do not have any right or authorisation to redistribute.

You may also share your experience on the Website with a particular Recipe through a dedicated option. We would love to hear what you think; however, please do respect the other users and EQUALS. We shall not tolerate any comments violating, or that could violate, one’s honour, privacy, personal image.

You can neither share contents including:

· Any form of SPAM.

· Links to other third-party websites, apps and platforms without any connection to EQUALS.

· Depictions of third parties (descriptions, personal data, images, videos) without their consent.

· Fraudulent, abusive, defamatory, pornographic, racist and otherwise illicit information or material.

· Information obtained unlawfully, or in breach of statutory, legal or contractual obligations.

· Recommendations of use, offers, advertising and marketing of any product or service alien to EQUALS.

Links to third-party webpages, apps and platforms

EQUALS prohibits to share links to any third-party webpages, apps and/or platforms containing illicit materials, including pornography, obscenity, and any other unlawful materials. Also, we cannot be held responsible for the contents on said third-party webpages, apps and/or platforms.

EQUALS cannot not be held responsible for the contents published on third-party websites, apps of platforms, such as Facebook or Instagram. You can access Facebook’s terms of use of their products (including Instagram) and other relevant policies on their website: https://www.facebook.com/policies.


The Recipes are drafted, analysed and approved by EQUALS Nutritionists. Formed by a team of certified nutritionists and veterinarians, EQUALS Nutritionists ensure that every meal is adapted to your cat’s unique characteristic and it is safe for its health and well-being.

Each Recipe is required to be prepared accordingly in order to guarantee its optimal state. This is why we provide comprehensive cooking instructions with each Recipe. However, it is in your hands and your responsibility to strictly follow the instructions on the quality of the ingredients,

preparation process and/or serving methods. Disclaimers and waivers established in Section 9 shall apply.

Right of Withdrawal

According to the nature of the Service, this is, supply of digital content, which is not supplied on a tangible medium, the right of withdrawal does not apply, as the user loses it once the Service has begun.

Intellectual property

EQUALS is the legitimate owner of all intellectual property rights, including trademarks, industrial designs and patents, concerning the Website or any and all contents thereof. The enjoyment of the Service or the access to the Website does not imply, implicitly or explicitly, temporarily or permanently, any waiver by EQUALS of its intellectual property rights or any transfer thereof to guest or Registered Users.

In case a user shares content subject to intellectual property rights on the Website , it declares and warrants it has a right or authorisation the share such content from the legitimate rightsowner. Likewise, same obligation applies to confidential information, commercial secrets and any other information upon which a third-party has a legitimate right.

Disclaimers and waivers

We work hard to offer you a Service you can truly enjoy, by making and keeping the Website as smooth and error-free as possible. However, we cannot guarantee a 100% uptime, lack of any bugs, Website viruses or vulnerabilities, errors or technical inaccuracies, or ensure the accuracy, utility and reliability of absolutely all of the information and contents on the Website . If you find anything that affects your browsing experience and Service enjoyment, please reach out to us via channels described in Section 13, and we shall do our best to find a solution.

EQUALS shall not be liable for the final result of the meal prepared by You. It is essential to strictly follow some rules before, during and after preparation, which are described in the cooking instructions, which is under your control. Thus, you shall hold EQUALS harmless form any claim or responsibility in this regard.

Neither shall EQUALS be liable for contents and information published by users on the Website, remaining the users the sole responsible thereof.

Term and termination

These Terms shall serve as a legal agreement between You and EQUALS during our relationship, either because you are a registered user on our Website, or because you have acquired a Recipe.

Nevertheless, the Terms shall end automatically, without the need of prior notification, in case of:

· Non-compliance with any of the Terms, EQUALS Policies and any other contractual arrangement between You and EQUALS, imputable to Your actions or omissions.

· Failure to pay the fees corresponding to a Recipe, or any fraudulent payments in this regard.

Applicable law and arbitration

These Terms are subject to the law and jurisdiction of the country of Your residency. If a conflict arises, We would love to speak to You and find an optimal solution. Please let us know through contact details established in Section 13. However, you can also use EU Commission’s Online Dispute Resolution platform, available at https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/.

Updates and modifications

These Terms may and shall be updated from time to time, whether because of new functionalities or services, change in Recipe purchasing process or compliance with regulatory developments. However, do not worry: we shall notify you with any such changes via email or prominent notice.

If, upon the abovementioned changes, You no longer agree with these Terms, you may terminate the Agreement.

These Terms have been last updated in November 2020.

Contact Us

We are here to help You. Should You have any query with regards to the Terms, the functioning of the Service, the Website, or any other question, or if You just want to tell Us anything, please see Our contact details below:

· If You want to email Us: [support@equals.cat]

· If You are more of an old-school, You can send Us a letter to the address indicated in Section 2.

Annex 1

Cat food delivery
Service: delivery of customized cat food
Territory: Hong Kong and Macau

We are happy to offer our clients in Hong Kong and Macau cat food delivery.

Once You have your account with EQUALS, You can order cat food prepared and cooked in accordance with the chosen recipe (“Products”). The order can be placed in “My account” menu on the website, where You also make a pre-payment for the order.
The size of the order is 2-week volume of pet food for Your cat (based on the information in Your account and Profile). We are working hard to provide You with the subscription options which You will see soon in the interface of the website.

The order should be placed minimum in 48 hours in advance (not including the day of the order) and the delivery time can be up to 72 hours. On the day of delivery one of EQUALS team members will call you in order to confirm with you the delivery details.

We cook and transport the Products in compliance with all necessary requirements and deliver Your order to Your home, office or pick-up location in a pet store (petstore partners list to be updated soon).
The Products are delivered by EQUALS team and in exceptional cases a 3rd party delivery service can be engaged.
Please be informed that You or Your representative shall be present at the moment of delivery and acceptance note is to be signed. If you are unable to accept the Products, we will leave a notification (email or a paper in Your post box) indicating the details of our attempt to deliver and advising how You can re-schedule the delivery. Alternatively, Your order may be automatically rescheduled by us for later delivery and You will receive an e-mail providing all the details for the new delivery. In case We are unable to deliver Your Products through no fault of our own a further standard delivery charge may be required prior to re-arranging delivery.

If You are not available to sign for your delivery and have left delivery instructions to that effect when placing Your order, you will be deemed to accept the full risks of receipt of those goods. In this instance, in the event of a dispute, proof of delivery will be constituted by proof that our delivery person has acted upon those instructions. EQUALS shall not be liable for the non-performance of any aspect of order delivery arising as a direct result of incorrect information being provided. You may be responsible for the cost of delivery and return of the goods in these circumstances.

If you choose a pick-up location (in a pet store), We deliver the Products to this location and a representative of the store signs an acceptance note. You may collect Your order during the business hours of this store.

Storage conditions for the Products: up to 6 months in a freezer (-18 C)

EQUALS takes care of choosing the high quality ingredients for the Products and strictly follows the safety measures while cooking and preparing the Products, however We shall not be liable for pets’ individual reactions (such as allergies, intolerances etc.), improper dosage/storage/feeding of a pet by You.

You can cancel the order with 48hour notification to us. Please use this email for this: [*]

Returns can be made within 7 days from the delivery.

We reserve the right to refuse or cancel subscription orders at our sole discretion. If We do this, you will only be charged for orders that have been actually shipped to You.