EQUALS Core Competencies

= Global brand-building from scratch. From initial idea to real-time products and services.

= Adopting existing brands. Adapting to the latest legal requirements and consumer tastes per country.

= Local and global marketing strategy and execution.

= Global e-commerce: business set-up (from initial idea to fully operating online platform/app. Integrated with global supply chain and manufacturing). IT, marketing strategy and execution.

Paul Falla, Chief Creative Officer, EQUALS

Paul has over 30 years of experience in marketing communication, working in London, Amsterdam and Shanghai.
He has won or been nominated for 45 national and international awards. His experience in the pet food industry includes Butcher’s, NatureBridge, Pedigree, VIGOR & SAGE and Whiskas.

Daria Philippova-Glebova, Investor Relations and Corporate Governance, EQUALS

After obtaining law degrees in Moscow (BA) and in London (MA), Daria jumped into corporate development, working in various industries across many countries. Her work brought her a lot of unusual matters – from restaurant opening to pet food packing. She is the mother of two and lives in Luxembourg. Her cat Donna is a strict vegetarian with frequent hunting outdoors.

Fai Kung, Manager of Legal and Financial Affairs, EQUALS

Fai has over 30 years of experience, running international management accounting for pet food companies. His clients include NatureBridge, VIGOR & SAGE, Brabanconne and V.I.P. Petfoods (Australia).

Dennis van den Berg, Head of IT, EQUALS

Dennis has been addicted to IT entrepreneurship for over thirty years. He currently runs Dodo, Studioviv and JouwNieuwPlek, specialising in online and offline marketing.

EQUALS Consulting