Immune Booster


A cat’s health depends on an efficient immune system. The immune system protects against internal dangers, such as cancer cells, and external pathogens, such as viruses and bacteria. As a cat ages, its immune system weakens, making it more prone to health concerns.

Do you know that roughly 70% of immune system depends on gastrointestinal system? It is a fact. Thus providing the diet that fits your cat requirements is the highest importance. Thinking ‘convenience’ and talking with vets who ‘trained’ by petfood multinationals is one way of feeding your buddy. Another way is selecting the food that fits current life stage of your cat, freshly made from locally sourced ingredients.

Under normal conditions, the immune system turns on and off as necessary. Both overactive and underactive immune system are the reasons of rising number of allergies and auto-immune diseases in cats.

Together with Dr Tatang and his clinical team EQUALS studied thousands of clinical cases of feline immune disorders and developed all-natural supplements that help to naturally boost immune system, increase appetite and metabolic activity, provide anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory support, strengthen digestion and kidney function.


Astragalus, ganoderma, codonopsis, bee pollen, skimmed milk.

Feeding instructions

Give your cat one-two tablet per day (per 2.5-5kg body weight), each pack contains 50 tablets.


Currently we don’t deliver only to Mars, to all other destinations we ship by first class mail at no charge.

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