Heart Health

A cat only remains alive thanks to the unrelenting efforts of just one muscle: the heart. Unfortunately, cats heart are vulnerable to a serious condition called cardiomyopathy. As cats can be fairly lethargic animals for much of the time, the earliest symptoms of heart disease, notably tiredness, are often missed, even by the most diligent owners. Untreated cardiomyopathy is a life threatening condition. Try to identify it earlier with a basic heart evaluation as part of routine annual veterinary health-checks.

If your cat’s heart is beginning to fail and fluid is building up in his lungs or chest, your vet will treat him with medicines aimed at reducing the worldload on the heart and encouraging fluid to drain away from the sites in which it has accumulated.

To help heart maintain its function – EQUALS team partnered with Dr Tatang clinical research team and developed a breakthrough all-natural supplements for cat’s healthy heart. It contains only 9 natural ingredients including Ginseng, Poria and antioxidant Co-Enzyme Q10 , meticulously selected with only one purpose – maintain a healthy heart function by supporting normal blood flow circulation, maintain the stability of the heart pump function and maintain body stamina, reducing fluid accumulation in the lungs, protecting cells from free radicals while promoting cells growth.


Ligusticum cuan xiong, salvia dan shen, panax ginseng ren shen, poria fu ling, schicandara wu wei zi, ophiopogon mai men dong, co-enzyme Q10, skimmed milk, liver extract.

Feeding instructions

Give your cat one-two tablet per day (per 2.5-5kg body weight), each pack contains 50 tablets.


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