30 May 2022

The Persian Cat. Star of films, art and living rooms.

The Persian cat is probably the most famous cat breed in the world. Starring in many movies, including five James Bond films, as the pet of choice for supervillain, Ernst Stavro Blofeld. Immortalised by many of the world’s greatest painters since as early as the 17th century. And stealing the limelight in living rooms all over the world ever since.

When the world’s first organized cat show took place in 1871 at London’s Crystal Palace, who was the star of the show? Of course, a Persian cat, winning “Best in Show”. This is the star loved by other celebrities. Including Queen Victoria, Marilyn Monroe and Taylor Swift among their many, many adoring fans.

Persians are as friendly as dogs, but don’t expect them to get up when you call their names, as they are also incredibly lazy. However, you might be able to get them to move for a tasty meal of freshly cooked chicken with vegetables.

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The Persian Cat. Star of films, art and living rooms.