9 July 2020

Because every cat is choosy

What a cat will eat in later life is often decided by what you feed them as a kitten. Be careful, many cat foods are no better than feeding your pet fast food every day. Which is as bad for them as it is for you.

If cats could choose themselves, they much prefer wet food. That’s because wet food has a high water and meat content. Cats need a lot of water and five times more protein than dogs. That’s the reason a cat should not be fed dog food, it just does not contain what they need and will lead to serious health problems.

In the wild, cats will travel miles to find prey. However, nowadays many cats live inside, which means you must take great care, that they get all the vitamins and minerals they need. Your cat may even go through phases when they refuse to eat. Here’s what you can do:

If you have another cat in your home, make sure that it’s not bullying that cat who refuses to eat. Try changing the type of food you usually give, moving the bowl to a quieter spot, or even using a saucer rather than a bowl. If you’ve been giving your cat refrigerated or cooked food, leave it in warm water for a considerable length of time. This will give the food a stronger and more appealing smell.

The most important thing to remember, don’t wait longer than two days to visit your vet. For peace of mind, but also because your cat may have infected teeth or a gum disease and these can develop into a serious problem very quickly.

Because every cat is choosy