5 June 2022

Bengal cats. A kind of friendly little leopard.

The visually striking Bengal cat was first bred by Jean Sugden Mill in the 1960s. This was achieved by pairing small, wild Asian leopards with domestic cats. Producing a wild look that people love, without the feral aggression. However, they are still highly active and always on the move. Not the cat that sits on your lap all day.

Bengals are certainly not your average moggie. They love water and it’s not unusual for them to join you in the shower for a bit of a splash about. They are highly social and prefer to have company, basically, two Bengals are better than one. Make sure you keep them active and occupied. A bored Bengal will find activities to keep themselves amused, like destroying your furniture.

As you might imagine, a Bengal cat is an obligate carnivore. That means their diet must include food high in protein, mainly meat. Freshly prepared chicken, turkey or beef are excellent protein sources.

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Bengal cats. A kind of friendly little leopard.