31 January 2023

Avoiding the elephant in the room leads to a broken home

The home is our planet, the elephant is our carelessness and stubbornness

According to recent Google search, there are about 900 million dogs and 600 million cats. Now, compare that to the average CO2 footprint of a human and the CO2 pawprint of the average medium to large breed dog. It’s the same! In the USA carbon dioxide emissions per person amount to 20 metric tons per year. Five tonnes of CO2 are roughly the same as the emissions produced by one car every year.
It’s not just you that can do something about global warming. If you and your best pal can lower your carbon footprint and pawprint by 50% you can become carbon neutral. Through a combination of reducing and offsetting carbon emissions, your net contribution to greenhouse gases in the atmosphere can be zero.

How? How about home cooking. It’s one of the oldest and most nature-friendly ways to prepare the food. Also, to shop locally and buy local ingredients. That’s how we can really improve the balance and reverse the vicious cycle that the pet food industry imposes on us. Avoiding global supply chains, where tins and dry food literally travel several thousands of kilometres.

Sometimes it feels that we can’t personally make a difference. That your contribution is just too small to change anything. It’s just not true. The effect of you doing the right thing will inevitably be felt by you as well as those around you. Most importantly, by sometimes cooking for your cat they will feel much better both physically and mentally.

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Avoiding the elephant in the room leads to a broken home