Your Cat’s Health

For most people, the connection with their cat is one of their most important relationships.

As companion, or as part of your family. There is no greater priority than ensuring that they get the love, affection and feeding they deserve.  EQUALS focuses on providing the best possible nourishment for your cat. Creating recipes that are specifically tailor-made to their particular needs. Whether they have allergies, health issues, or just that they are a very picky eater. We only include ingredients that fit to their dietary requirements.

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Should my cat eat whenever they like?

Some people believe in “free-feeding” meaning the cat can eat all day, whenever they like. Others choose for a stricter regime: food twice a day, in the morning and the evening. One important thing to consider: your cat’s age. Generally, a kitten should eat four times per day, moving to twice a day when they are one year old. The problem with leaving food out all day, is that your cat will eat out of boredom rather than hunger. And this will eventually lead to an overweight kitty, with health issues.

How much water should my cat drink?

Drinking water is essential for your cat’s health.

It helps their kidneys flush out toxins and keeps other organ tissues hydrated and healthy. An adult cat should drink about 50 ml per kg of bodyweight. That’s about 200-250 ml water per day for a cat weighing 4-5 kg. The most important thing is that there’s always fresh clean water for your cat to drink at all times.